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Since I have been using a clinique cleanser before, I have only recently started to contact foreo. My best friend USES first-generation pink, which is not much different from second-generation pink, mainly because I don’t think it is necessary to change the brush head to avoid further investment. The fuselage of clinique is $1000, the brush head needs to be matched in addition, and It needs to be replaced at least three months at least three months, one brush head needs more than 200. So the price of foreo is really not expensive.

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FOREO luna2 comes in five colors, They are suitable for different skin types: pink (neutral), purple (sensitive), blue (mixed), green (oily) and black (male).

I bought the latest version of blue, the standard version 2, I was mixed with oily skin, the whole silica gel head still felt hard, in fact, pink should be used to be more comfortable, I suggest you still go to sephora store to experience, not necessarily to buy according to the color, I still feel comfortable the most important.

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Differences of FOREO luna1 &2 generations

1. lunal 1 has eight vibration gears, and luna 2 has twelve gears. Gear position refers to the adjustment of the plus or minus gear position on the front of the body, actually the actual feeling is not so obvious difference, as long as the adjustment to feel comfortable vibration gear position can, and the machine will remember your gear choice, next time you do not need to adjust.
2. The silicone brush head of luna2 feels softer, the silicone body is 1.5 times thicker than the first generation, and the actual feel is not obvious. Then the length is twice as long as luna1, which may be harder to clean than the first generation. Please be careful not to leave the silicone in the head after using the facial cleanser every time.
3. Luna2 has double motor vibration, the vibration of the top gear is stronger than the generation, and the vibration sound is smaller

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Method of use

[The hard silicone head area is used to clean the area around the forehead where the nose is prone to oil, and the soft area around the cheeks and eyes.]

After luna is wet with water, it is the first time to press the key to enter the cleaning mode. There are three separate vibration prompts (every 15 seconds, the vibration prompts that the replacement part is cleaned).

My first and second 15 seconds to clean the right and left cheeks, the third 15 seconds to clean the forehead and chin, and the fourth 15 seconds to clean the nose and eyes. The machine will vibrate for three times in a row, so that the 60-second facial cleaning is over

When the cleaning mode is finished (it will automatically end or you press the key), the light at the bottom of luna will not go out (standby state). At this time, after washing your face clean, apply the toner essence, and then press the key to enter the wave soothing mode on the back of the machine, suitable for areas prone to wrinkles.

From bottom to top massage, vibrate once every 12 seconds to change the position. After three times, it will vibrate three times to end the facial soothing mode. After that, the machine will not stop.

Ps: you can learn specific massage techniques from youku or iQIYI searchers video.

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Matters needing attention

The first charge requires a full 12-hour charge, which can last up to a year.
Keep the serial number and purchase list, and only register on the official website can be guaranteed, and you can get a new one for free within 2 years for non-human damage, and you can get a new one at half price after two years of damage.

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