There are something about Chanel Gabrielle wandering bag

If this year’s most popular bag, it must be the chanel stray bag. Chanel Gabrielle wandering bag was first launched at Chanel spring/summer 2017 show. Named after the label’s founder, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, the bag was designed by galeries lafayette to honor Ms. Chanel. You can see how significant this bag is. Once launched, the stray bag was loved by many celebrities and people who walked in the forefront of fashion.

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I also can’t bear the temptation of it, i can’t wait to rub to buy one. When I bought it, I found I really liked it. It satisfies almost all women’s fantasies about small bags. For bags with such profound significance, I think it is also a good choice to collect. Chanel’s Gabrielle, also known as the stray bag, made a particularly high debut in the first half of the year, and the female stars with the bag were enough to line up a legion, and the styles were a mystery. The campaign was shot by galeries lafayette himself, and featured an AD featuring twilight actress Kristen Stewart, French supermodel Caroline DE Maigret, singer Pharrell Williams and close friend Cara Delevingne.

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The model of stray bag is very small and lovely, can use double chain back method, can also use single chain back method, seven back methods! You can make a choice by completely matching different styles. The stray bag has a distinctive rhombic pattern. Create a completely different style by pairing different colors of black, gold, white and blue. That means it can carry seven different feelings. What’s more, whatever style of clothes you wear is appropriate.

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This bag has different sizes. The small size is enough for my personal needs. It looks small but actually fits well. And the leather material material is very good, not easy deformation, completely carry me to squeeze it in the rough behavior of the wardrobe!

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