Benefit dandelion powder 2018 review 

This benefit dandelion powder, light, natural and brightens the skin. Was voted the most beautiful pink by the national network first. I like this benefit dandelion powder, because it can be used to make blush and honey powder, a box of dual use, can let the skin presents ruddy natural good color. It is transparent and light with light pink exquisite powder can be even skin color, makeup before makeup can be used after, let skin presents transparent and shiny luster feeling, full of vigor and vibrant. I started with a girl’s heart, but it feels really good after using. Now there are a lot of blushes with freckles. The secret to my rosy complexion is this benefit dandelion brightening finishing powder. My daily blush is this box of dandelion from benefit. I’ve been using this brand for almost two years, Seeing that the box of blush is running out, I feel a sense of accomplishment.
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This benefit dandelion powder is a classic of Benefit, It belongs to beauty makeup entry level cheek is red, not easy resemble monkey ass so, and color nature is tender, the United States eyebrow that learns to make up to also can be very good control. The powder is a little loose, light cream powder, very soft and fresh. The face is very natural, pink has color very much, can present naked makeup feeling, show chroma is general, but the brush that takes oneself is bad to use, eat color, shed hair, just carry together very convenient. Instead of as a blush is very good, my face after the silk satin, delicate texture, it belongs to natural it is to make pink cheek is red color ~ absolute nature makeup feeling good helper ~ pink is tender ~ face gas is very good, the mood of a day will follow up ~ it inside with a very fine powder, fine stone to paint my face will not have a flash powder. More natural, color is also very light, pink is also very thin, brush a few times also won’t be very deep, I am mix skin, do not meet float pink, after a while and makeup look confluence, appear the pink burnish that shows faintly.
And I’ll give you some information about the benefit dandelion powder. Including, the price, why we love it, how to apply,  sense of use, beauty tip about it and so on about that benefit dandelion brightening finishing powder.
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The price:
As for the price, it’s rather cheap, It’s $29. In the same level of large brands, the price of this benefit dandelion brightening finishing powder can be said to be very close to the public. And, it is a good and cheap type, although the price is affordable, but the appearance of what is also very high-end. So, don’t worry too much about the price. If you like it, try buying it.
Why we love it:
Just-pinched sweet cheeks!
This sheer, ballerina-pink face powder takes your complexion from dull to radiant. Sweep it on cheeks as a soft blush or dust it all over face as a brightening finishing powder.
Hint of shimmer
Buildable color
Soft, natural-bristle brush included
How to apply:
Perfect in pink!
Play up your girly glow. Swirl the brush in the box, then sweep the powder on the apples of your cheeks for a soft blush. Dust the perk-me-up powder all over your pretty face for an instantly bright fin.
Sense of use:
Most of the feedback after the user experience is five-star, but some users gave negative comments, let us learn together.
Someone said that: Love that it’s: “available as a mini.”
I have tried many blushes but this is absolutely the best for my very fair skin tone. Gorgeous colour, not harsh at all. I feel it would be very hard to put too much of this on.
And another one said that: Love that it’s: “Versatile and Smells Good!”
I own many of Benefit’s box powders, but this is the one I go to most frequently. I have a light olive complexion, so pinks can be a little tricky to get right without looking fake. This shade of pink is surprisingly wearable for me. A sheer, light dusting on the face gives a natural brightening effect, while I can also build it up on my cheeks for a natural looking flush. And, as with all of Benefit’s box powders, it has a signature scent that is really lovely. If you have an olive complexion and struggle to find the right pink, I highly recommend giving Dandelion a try!
As for negative comments: I have been purchasing Dandelion for what could be 20 years now. I just bought the regular size and am returning it! Opening the box I realized that there was hardly any product there! What happened? Downsizing is the key to every company and this company is obviously no different. I don’t know why they sell the “mini” version- the regular size has a “mini” amount in it! And the price? Was hoping Benefit Dandelion was going to be with me forever. Wrong. I will be looking for a new product that actually “gives me product”, and hopefully for less MONEY. Very disappointed Benefit…
Beauty tip:
Dust over posietint for a petal-pink pop that lasts for hours.
Expert opinion:
Dandelion is positioned as a highlighting powder but works best as a pale pink blush. It has a very soft gold undertone and a sheer amount of shine. This has a nice, smooth texture and the pressed powder is finely milled, so application is even, if a bit sheer. Color-wise, Dandelion is best for those with fair to light skin tones who want a touch of shine. Although it’s pricey, the good news is that the shine is muted enough to not be distracting when worn for daytime makeup
Overall feeling is a very good, it price is not very expensive, so, i will buy back! This benefit dandelion brightening finishing powder is the best one I have ever used. The packaging is very high-end, and it tastes good. After using the benefit dandelion powder . The skin will become fine and shiny. All in all, the following is my overview of the product. And next it including Pros and Cons. Here are the pros and cons of this full coverage benefit dandelion brightening finishing powder. Let’s get to know each other.

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Pros about benefit dandelion powder :

1. Opaque thin:Transparent and light, the exquisite powder of weak pink can be even color of skin, makeup before makeup hind can be used, the delicate simple sense like silk satin on the face hind, belong to very natural cheek is red color.Won’t float pink, after a while and makeup look confluence, appear the pink burnish that shows faintly.
2. Blush and powder:grooming honey powder, the network chooses the most beautiful pink first! Transparent, light and light pink fine powder can be even skin color, before and after makeup can be used, skin presents transparent and shiny luster feeling, full of vigor and vibrant!

Cons about benefit dandelion powder :

1. In my eyes, this powder still has a disadvantage. Because this cheek red is to give priority to hit with pink, be evaluated whole net most beautiful pink, the likelihood is besmear on the face is relatively pink tender, so, beautiful eyebrow people is in when choosing, must see individual be fond of to choose, if the beauty of older age people chooses it, can have not very good effect.

Objectively, this benefit dandelion powde applies to all skin types! Just the beauty of darker skin color people should be careful to choose. Then, the appearance is very high-end, the price is very low, the key is that it can also “a box of multi-use”, can be said to be the best choice of powder. So, if there’s any hesitation, don’t hesitate, I’ll experiment for you. The powder is naturally bronzed, with no shiny pearlescent particles, and is very suitable for use as a product. As long as in the cheekbones, cheek and jaw parts brush this product, facial contour will be more three-dimensional obvious. And then I’ll give you some answers or highlight some questions about benefit dandelion powder .

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( This picture shared by my friend MMMTKM )

1. What type of skin is best suited for benefit dandelion powder ?

As for what type of skin it fits, it’s obvious. Since this is a toning powder, it is suitable for oily skin, mix skin, dry skin, and make a hydrating foundation. So. The beautiful eyebrow of dry sex skin also can be at ease bold use.

2.How much does the benefit dandelion powder  ?

The benefit dandelion brightening finishing powder costs about $29 , of course, i bought this product at a discount , lower prices, and welcome everyone to pay attention to my blog. i will share some deal to help you buy this product at a lower prices. So, this is a very cost-effective facial cleanser.
If you have any questions about this benefit dandelion powder . please leave a message below. If I know, I will answer for you at once. And I’d be happy to discuss some other issues with you. I wish that you will have a good experience with it.
Thanks for the visit guys !
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