Armani maestro UV MAKEUP PRIMER 2018 review


I recently got my hands on the armani maestro UV MAKEUP PRIMER.I call it “small white bottle”, its appearance level is extremely high, momentarily arouse my girl’s heart. And the SPF is as high as SPF50+++ super sunscreen! Fluid texture, do not worry about coating oh the key is that it is really “thin to the feeling does not exist”! Seemingly nothing, actually everything has! Armani maestro UV MAKEUP PRIMER is known as “the thinnest UV high sunscreen,” thin enough to see no burden of skin feel almost forgotten it exists! It is completely transparent, not greasy, and has the effect of modifying pores and invisible pores. Of course! Armani’s product is definitely more than that. Although it is sunscreen, it has “soft focus”, “smooth” and “oil control”. It is suitable for all kinds of skin. Sunscreen! Bottoms up before! The use of a layer on top of makeup in the summer is a big plus. Skin bottom good wipe this bottle can go out!

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The armani primer with spf, similar emulsion texture, can flow out, this face and smooth like eggs (I don’t want to say that his time), the point is, it can make you slip one day, the subsequent also apply during make-up is much, also saved before I buy this bottle of armani maestro uv very silky satin foundation (why do you say that please look down), and there is a little bit, the end of the day, even if the paper towel, face is very smooth, feel without the isolation milk. Anyway, I can’t accept not wipe the isolation is makeup, always feel not wipe isolation makeup is chronic bad directly face, this small white bottle is isolated and can be as a sunscreen, also can treat as makeup before the milk, a bottle of many, must buy sunscreen in summer, so it is better to buy a bottle of bottle of multi-purpose worthwhile, one more thing, this is the small white bottle without color, I generally nothing is not makeup, have something to make up, cooperate to use any air cushion, pore basically look not to come out, makeup feeling is good also, anyhow is recommended.

And I’m going to give it to everyone. Now I’m going to talk a little bit about it’s specific information. Including, the price, that armani maestro UV MAKEUP PRIMER and so on.

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The price:

As for it is price, Seriously, it’s super cheap. It’s only $64. Of course, I can say that It has a very high cost performance. So that’s how I felt when I used thej o malone wild bulebell on the whole.


Some official descriptions:


Keywords: Daily defense, Multi-protective, Invisible shield
Benefits: Anti pollution & UV protection for daily city-proof defense.
Type: Primer


The network is introduced:


Perfect transparent film is formed on the skin surface, covering pores, moisturizing and shining to give the skin effective sun protection, gentle and free of burden. Extremely moist and completely non-greasy, silicon-free, smooth and non-stick, brighten the skin and make the skin silky. Must-have summer! Essential oil skins! Perfect foundation + perfect sun protection! The first important defense that protects skin, transparent and extremely meticulous relaxed formula combines high prevent bask in and fight oxidation effect, simple sense is lightsome, no matter be alone or cooperate before using foundation, can be mixed quickly with skin, bring zero burden protection to skin. It can be used during outdoor activities or when any skin has access to sunlight. It is suitable for all skin types and even sensitive skin.


How to apply:


Giorgio Armani Beauty has reinvented uv protection with the Maestro UV makeup primer.
A protective wonder for your skin, the broad spectrum SPF 50 face primer defends against sun damage for a softer, more youthful-looking complexion. Using antioxidants and targeted fillers that mimic the behavior of collagen, your appearance will be impeccably smooth.
Thanks to its fluidity, Maestro UV instantly becomes one with the skin. Worn alone or under makeup, this foundation primer provides completely transparent anti-UVA/UVB filters that penetrate the skin, absorbing sun rays and combating pollution.


The user experience:


According to statistics, most people who have used it give a five-star rating.
For example, I love this primer with any brand foundation. Sinks in to the skin, gives a great base and protects the skin. I have been using this product ever since it was introduced, it goes on smoothly, doesn’t feel heavy on your skin, highly recommend! I live in Florida and sunscreen is so important. This product is not only an awesome makeup primer, but, has an SPF 50! It feels so silky smooth to layer under any type of makeup.

But a few gave negative reviews, such as: Everything about this product is awful! For starters, the instructions tell you to shake the bottle, but when I do, it leaks out of the top. The dropper doesn’t screw on straight, so it leaks everywhere when I travel with it. Also, because I can’t properly shake the product, I’m convinced that the sunscreen portion has settled on the bottom because I’ve experienced different consistencies of this primer from being very liquid to then quite tacky. I’m so disappointed because this product doesn’t perform like it did when I first purchased it. Stay away!

Overall feeling is a very good, t the post-experience is great, so, i will buy back! This armani maestro UV MAKEUP PRIMER  is the best one I have ever used. The packaging is very high-end, and it tastes good. After using the it , The whole face felt particularly good and smooth. All in all, the following is my overview of the product. And next it including Pros and Cons. Here are the pros and cons of this armani maestro uv spf 50l. Let’s get to know each other.

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Pros about thearmani maestro UV MAKEUP PRIMER  :


1. Quality of a material is frivolous :


Texture of silky smooth good push, silky quality of a material, invisible pore, on makeup skin is bright and not oily.Sunblock and makeup before the isolation of the bottom one step in place, reduce the burden of the skin, although I am mixed oil skin, can also hold!


2. SPF50 is super protective:


With 50 times the effect of the isolation cream, is really “a bottle of hand, all beautiful.”You don’t need to buy sun protection alone. This bottle is enough for one summer.


3.  Perfect fit to the skin:


Perfect close with skin, can make later beauty makeup more close, on the picture that tries on the hand also can see fluidity is very good, touch open for a while absorb, do not stick to the hand, do not appear white, slightly carry bright color of skin, basic transparent, touch feeling is smooth.


Cons about the armani maestro UV MAKEUP PRIMER   :


In my opinion, here is only one downside, Time to stay sweet: 2 ~ 3 hours I think is really a drawback. Small and fresh itself should not be expected to stay fragrant good yao not to mention the small and fresh of armani maestro uv spf 50l to go out in the morning and spray to the unit estimated that there is no smell so that my colleagues never smell my perfume but! I can smell it! Sometimes in the afternoon can smell a faint smell!

Objective to speak, The information about the armani maestro uv spf 50l has been introduced in detail above. It’s incredibly cost-effective, for example, Whether it applies to the skin or the price side, It’s relatively high quality it is superior even among all the prevent bask in segregation. Now, let’s talk about a few questions about the armani maestro uv spf 50l.

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1. What type of skin is best suited forarmani maestro UV MAKEUP PRIMER  ?


Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, Maestro UV is great for use outdoors. This colorless, it is said to brighten the skin tone to hide pores, moisturize and protect the skin from sensitive skin and dry skin, oily skin.Mixed skin.


2. How much does thearmani maestro UV MAKEUP PRIMER  ?


Thearmani maestro UV MAKEUP PRIMER costs about $64, of course, i bought this product at a discount , lower prices, and welcome everyone to pay attention to my blog. i will share some deal to help you buy this product at a lower prices. So, this is a very cost-effective facial cleanser.


3.What does t What does it do about armani maestro UV MAKEUP PRIMER  ?


It has the effect of being modified and invisible to pore, forming a perfect transparent film on the skin surface, covering pores, and endowing the skin with moist and transparent water, effectively protecting the skin from the sun. Skin is more hydrating, pores are smaller but not silky, and it’s more hydrating than the classic purple line, plus it’s anti-oxidant, and it stays white and fresh all day. Extremely hydrated, not sticky and greasy, can be used as a sunscreen, can be used as a pre-makeup lotion, refreshing antioxidant, sensitive muscles can also be used.

If you have any questions about this armani maestro UV MAKEUP PRIMER  . please leave a message below. If I know, I will answer for you at once. And I’d be happy to discuss some other issues with you. I wish that you will have a good experience with it.

Thanks for the visit guys !

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