Benefit hoola lite matte bronzer 2018 review 

I bought benefit hoola lite matte bronzer in the duty-free shop on the day when I went to Thailand. My face was dark and hard to control. Later, I asked a friend to buy the benefit hoola Lite for me. Hoola’s thin face is more effective, but it should be light and use less powder. Otherwise, the makeup will look dirty, and it should be more suitable for women with yellow and black skin. And the  benefit hoola Lite brushes in lighter colors a few times, so don’t worry about overshooting your hands. So, I fell in love with this hoola matte bronzer without warning. Of course, I came back to my blog and gave benefit cosmetics hoola bronzer to everyone.
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I know that Benefit hoola lite matte bronzer is naturally bronzed, with no shiny pearlescent particles.As long as in the cheekbones, cheek and jaw parts brush this product, facial contour will be more three-dimensional obvious. Its color is naturally soft, and the very fine and soft powders spread out easily, giving the face a natural, three-dimensional look. The color is brown, not red. I learned that there are 3 kinds of benefit beauty products, first of all, Hoola powder. The powder is very delicate and beautiful. Hoola brush is a new product with super soft hair. It is perfect to use with benefit cosmetics hoola bronzer. This is the perfect repair! Will not have the orange dirty feeling, with the matching power of the brush gently sweep two times, stand up to show the small face.

It really is essential for Asian people with flat facial features, and i hoola bronzer review will make your makeup look very delicate, especially for a girl like me who is born with a flat nose and a big face. It’s a lifesaver is a more natural bronzer, which can be used to fix cheeks, nose bridge, as well as eye foundation and blush. There is also a brush inside the box, which is easy to carry, cost-effective simply!Really benefit hoola lite matte bronzer is the hand remnant party girl and the beginner’s Gospel ah, after all paste shape repair fitting is not so easy to control. So, I really fell in love with the hoola matte bronzer. I’ve already tested it for you. I just gave you a brief overview of benefit cosmetics hoola bronzer, and I’ll give you some information about the hoola bronzer review. Including, the price, why we love it, how to apply,  sense of use, beauty tip, about the quality of a material , the brush about it and so on about that benefit hoola lite matte bronzer.

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The price:
As for the price, it’s rather cheap, It’s $29. In the same level of large brands, the price of this powder can be said to be very close to the public. And, it is a good and cheap type, although the price is affordable, but the appearance of what is also very high-end. So, don’t worry too much about the price. If you like it, try buying it.
Why we love it:
Meet hoola’s lighter twin!
Now the award-winning hoola matte bronzer is joined by a lighter shade…hoola lite! This finely milled matte bronzer is perfect for fair complexions or for use as an all-over finishing powder. The soft-matte texture blends smoothly and seamlessly for a healthy, believable glow 365 days a year.
Soft-matte bronzing powder
Great for fair skin
Includes a natural, soft-bristle brush for precise application
How to apply
Sunkiss me quick!
Wish you were a natural bronze? Fake it by sweeping hoola lite matte bronzer across cheekbones, forehead, chin or anywhere you want to warm up your complexion. Already sunkissed? Dust all over as a finishing powder for a TAN tastically believable glow!
Sense of use:
It’s both bronzed and orange-brown, and although it’s a little pink but has a great color, I can’t use the brush that comes with it.I will use a brush with soft bristles and a strong grip. (I usually shake the brush after dipping in the powder so that it will come out naturally. Remember to suck on your mouth and brush along the bones to get dizzy by slanting the brush.)
Beauty tip:
Wear with hoola quickie contour stick for added dimension. The powder works well on the cheekbones, cheeks and jaw areas, instantly giving the face a solid outline.If you don’t have a good nose job, I’d recommend you use this product, it’s easy to overdo it with powder, and one of the things that surprises me is that it works really well when the undertone of the eye is applied.
About the quality of a material:
The powder is still very nice with a small brush to remove the powder so that the surface does not form oil. The MAC omega surface bought in the UK shop is easy to lump, but it is really easy to use
The brush about it:
The brush has soft fur, which is suitable for multiple powder extraction and stacking, but the minor drawback is that occasionally the hair will be removed and glued to the face, so I also use RTReal Techniques to make the facial mask brush feel more comfortable.
About dressing and color selection:

In fact, for Asian people, the most photogenic face is the one with a grey tone, while the one with a red and brown tone will make the skin look dirty. However, I think it is also ok for fair-skinned girls and newbies, so I won’t worry about it.

Overall feeling is a very good, it price is not very expensive, so, i will buy back! This hoola matte bronzer is the best one I have ever used. The packaging is very high-end, and it tastes good. After using the benefit hoola lite matte bronzer. The skin will become fine and shiny. All in all, the following is my overview of the product. And next it including Pros and Cons. Here are the pros and cons of this full coverage hoola bronzer review. Let’s get to know each other.

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Pros about benefit hoola lite matte bronzer:
1. Love that it’s: “Natural”: This bronzer is perfect for paler people like me and for creating a lighter more natural glow in winter
2. The powder is excellent: The powder is still nice and comes with a small brush to remove the powder so the surface doesn’t get greasy.
3. It tastes very sweet: Every time I open it, it’s a treat, and there’s a very, very fresh smell of peaches, which I feel is a lot more natural than the aroma of too faced’s peaches dish.
4. It does a lot of things: I sometimes get lazy when I go out and use a hoola bar as a shadow around the eyes.
5. It’s very versatile in color: In fact, for Asian people, the most photogenic small face is the tone of gray, red and brown tone of the repair will make the skin look dirty, but this word I feel also ok, for the fair skin of the sister and novice, do not worry about the heavy hand.
Cons about benefit hoola lite matte bronzer:

1. In my eyes, this powder still has a disadvantage, is that its tone is more suitable for the skin white women, if the skin is dark yellow, or toward the wheat skin of the United States eyebrow, should be careful to choose, must choose to suit their own.

Objectively, this foundation applies to all skin types! Just the beauty of darker skin color people should be careful to choose. Then, the appearance is very high-end, the price is very low, the key is that it can also “a box of multi-use”, can be said to be the best choice of powder repair. So, if there’s any hesitation, don’t hesitate, I’ll experiment for you. The powder is naturally bronzed, with no shiny pearlescent particles, and is very suitable for use as a product.As long as in the cheekbones, cheek and jaw parts brush this product, facial contour will be more three-dimensional obvious. And then I’ll give you some answers or highlight some questions about benefit hoola lite matte bronzer.

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1. What type of skin is best suited for benefit hoola lite matte bronzer?
As for what type of skin it fits, it’s obvious. Since this is a toning powder, it is suitable for oily skin, mix skin, dry skin, and make a hydrating foundation. So.The beautiful eyebrow of dry sex skin also can be at ease bold use.
2.How much does the benefit hoola lite matte bronzer ?
The giorgio armani power fabric foundation costs about $29 , of course, i bought this product at a discount , lower prices, and welcome everyone to pay attention to my blog. i will share some deal to help you buy this product at a lower prices. So, this is a very cost-effective facial cleanser.
If you have any questions about this benefit hoola lite matte bronzer. please leave a message below. If I know, I will answer for you at once. And I’d be happy to discuss some other issues with you. I wish that you will have a good experience with it.
Thanks for the visit guys !
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