Biotherm life plankton 2018 review 

I recently bought a bottle of biotherm life plankton. Because i belong to perennially “the person that sleep late” attribute, perennially inertial stay up late is mix dry sex sensitive muscle, as a result skin becomes more and more fragile, still have a few faint if appear fine grain recently, plus began to change a season, the skin also has some dry and scratchy condition, suddenly realize! It turns out that this is called ‘ critical muscle sensation ‘! My heart felt from have never had the fear, so the heart was anxious to buy biotherm miracle series: biotherm life plankton. It’s said that both the healing power and the hydrating lock are very, very good. Is that really so good? Say not a word, wait me to try biotherm life plankton to know! Over the course of a week, my skin did indeed become firm and elastic, and my condition improved significantly. So I fell in love with this skin care product named “biotherm life plankton essence”.
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To be honest, biotherm is a mid-end brand under l ‘oreal, with high cost performance. This biotherm life plankton essence is what I decided to buy after using small samples. The biotherm life plankton essence acne is of high appearance level and thick texture, but it absorbs quickly and is very comfortable on the skin. The taste is light and nourishing to the skin, nothing special, and it smells very comfortable. After the use of skin has a moist soft feeling, will not be tight, the real delicate, moist and bright feeling. Contains a soul in essence ingredients: LIFE PLANKTON ™ HuoYuan briefing, contains many full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, can help skin to repair itself, improve the skin question eight dimensions. Originally I was reported to smile, but I was in a windy city, my skin is particularly sensitive, often red, miracle water quietly repair my sensitive muscle, this let me be convinced! So I decided to give biotherm life plankton to everyone. Later, I wanted to share with you my experience in using the biotherm life plankton. So learned more about the biotherm life plankton essence. Now I’m going to talk a little bit about it’s specific information. Including, the price, the texture , the appearance, ability to block defect, how to use that biotherm life plankton essence acne and so on.
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The price:
As for it is price, It looks a little expensive, but it’s 150ml. It’s $68. I can say that It has a very high cost performance. So that’s how I felt when I used the he biotherm life plankton on the whole.
About it’s texture:
Our new texture: as lightweight as cosmetic water, as effective as a serum.The quickly penetrating essence delivers its power on the signs of aging and creates a healthy-looking canvas facilitating the application of the subsequent skincare routine.
Proven results:
Created to be the 1st step of every beauty routine, this breakthrough texture, that applies like a cosmetic water and transforms into the lightest of serums, works as a miracle essence. In 8 days see and feel a new-born skin.
How to use:
Use on a perfectly cleanse skin after your lotion, morning and evening. Shake well before use. Put some droplets on the palm of your hand and lightly spread on the face with fingers in 8 movements. Absorbing in seconds, the essence leaves the skin refreshed – neither sticky, nor oily or greasy.
1. Apply with dabbing movements. On the forehead, the cheeks, the chin and the neck.
2. With both hands, tap the skin with your finger tips like falling rain, all over the face and neck.
3. Take about 2 more drops on 2 fingers and insist on some areas of the face, where skin can be particularly dry or need attention, you may draw 8s on your face as per the image on the left.
4. Finish with “waves” movements, like when opening a book, to promote the circulation of fluids, from the inside and outwards, and upwards. Don’t forget the neck.
Sense of use:
I have a combination skin during summer and dry skin during winter. I use this essence everyday – morning and night. It helps reduce the dryness and redness of my skin. It is also very soothing and when I am out in the sun all day, I use a little extra to help sooth my skin from being in the sun too long. It also helps when my face has irritation from products that I have reaction to. During a hot and humid day, I use this essence and sunscreen which is enough as my morning routine. My skin seems to be healthier. Love this product!
Overall feeling is a very good, it price is not very expensive, so, i will buy back! This biotherm life plankton is the best one I have ever used. The packaging is very high-end, and it tastes good. After using the it , The skin will become fine and shiny. All in all, the following is my overview of the product. And next it including Pros and Cons. Here are the pros and cons of this biotherm life plankton. Let’s get to know each other.
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Pros about the biotherm life plankton:

1. About the texture:
The quality of a material also is very relaxed compare water embellish milk quality of a material, very good daub, absorb also very quick, be absorbed by the skin a bit not sticky and greasy.Two bottles work better together, so it is highly recommended that I am already a loyal fan of it.
2. Good moisturizing effect:
he restorative force and the hydrating and locking effect are very, very good. After a week’s use, my skin has indeed become firm and elastic, and the condition has improved significantly.
3. Rich in nutrients and natural ingredients:
Biotherm life plankton essence acne is rich in nutrients but very clear texture, on the face touch gentle and moist. While miracle milk is said to contain 5% high concentration of biotherm essence active essence Life Plankton TM, free of alcohol, pigment, sensitizing preservative, mineral oil, sensitizing perfume.
4. Use simple:
Step 1: shake the bottle gently to distribute the essence evenly.
Step 2: pour the essence into the palm of your hand and warm it evenly with your hands.
Step 3: spread evenly on the face and pat gently to promote absorption.
Step 4: gently press with the palm to help your skin absorb more.
5. About its appearance:
As a face control, the package of the product is of course very important. The aqua blue of the glass bottle looks very comfortable, and the deep sea feels after the sunshine.

Cons about the biotherm life plankton:

In my opinion, here is only one downside, it’s because the hydration function is so good, or something else, if you can’t control the amount of application, your face will get oily. So, for the beauties who first started using it, controlling the number of use became the biggest problem.
Objective to speak, The information about the biotherm life plankton essence has been introduced in detail above. It’s incredibly cost-effective, for example, Whether it applies to the skin or the price side, It’s relatively high quality it is superior even among all the cushion foundation. Now, let’s talk about a few questions about the biotherm life plankton essence acne.
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1. What type of skin is best suited for biotherm life plankton?
It works well for neutral, dry, or combination skin.But if you have oily skin, watch out.Instead of not using it at all, you should pay attention to the balance of water and oil, and you should strictly control the amount of oil used. Therefore, I suggest that users of oily skin can control the amount of water and oil in their skin before using this biotherm life plankton essence acne.
2.How much does the biotherm life plankton?
The biotherm life plankton costs about $68 , of course, i bought this product at a discount , lower prices, and welcome everyone to pay attention to my blog. i will share some deal to help you buy this product at a lower prices. So, this is a very cost-effective facial cleanser.
3.What does the composition for biotherm life plankton?
Actually I have been not sure what is the exact composition of HuoYuan is pithy, hence ask biotherm brand team’s friend, actually is the French pyrenees mountain spring fermentation extract, scientific name is vitreoscilla fermented product, an antioxidant making the skin more effective use of oxygen, improve permeability of the skin, enhance skin oxygen content,  make the skin maintain a dynamic state.
4. What size is the biotherm life plankton?
I mentioned in the previous article that this miracle water is a little bit expensive because its capacity is so large.It’s 150 milliliters, and I think it’s enough for an entire quarter.
If you have any questions about this biotherm life plankton. please leave a message below. If I know, I will answer for you at once. And I’d be happy to discuss some other issues with you. I wish that you will have a good experience with it.
Thanks for the visit guys !
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