Biotherm aquasource gel 2018 review

Since summer is coming, it is more and more easy for the face to get oily, so I do not like to put on face cream, such as face cream cosmetics. Moreover, I have no solution to the phenomenon that face T area is prone to oil in summer. What’s more, I am dry skin outside the face T zone. The problems I had before were solved when I found biotherm aquasource gel. I can say I’ve loved it since I got it.  “Biotherm aquasource gel “, as the name suggests, It is a very hydrating hydrant. More precisely, it is a condensation biotherm aquasource gel.  After I use it, I can be very responsible to say that aquasource gel is really a great refill. It’s really a comfortable experience. So today, I would like to give you this aquasource biotherm and discuss it with you. Now I’m going to give you an overview of the biotherm aquasource gel.
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Later, I wanted to share with you my experience in using the biotherm aquasource gel . So learned more about the aquasource biotherm. What I want to say is that the aquasource gel has the best texture I have found in a moisturizer so far! It isn’t too light or too thick, and it sinks in my skin quickly! I love the texture and how my skin looks and feels after using it. I also want to stress that this gel is really good for summer use. Personally, I really like using gel, Whether it’s to hydrate, to make a hydrating face mask, or even before makeup. Now I’m going to talk a little bit about it’s specific information. Including, the price, the texture , the appearance, ability to block defect, how to use that aquasource gela and so on.
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The price:

As for it is prise, It’s pretty cheap, It’s only $44. I can say that It has a very high cost performance. So that’s how I felt when I used the he biotherm aquasource gel on the whole.

About it’s texture:

Discover the iconic cooling gel texture women have loved from the start. Now enriched in Medicinal Aura Leaf, paraben free and mineral oil free. A fresh and creamy touch that melts on the skin to help awaken the senses every day. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

As for the appearance:

The style of sexual indifference can be said to be invincible like! Plus I personally like everything about sexual frigidity, so it’s perfect for me. The bottle is crystal clear light green, also a bit like light blue, what color it, anyway looks very high-end. Inside the water milk is also like crystal clear, feeling great.

About it is ability to block defect:

This is an old beauty secret that will restore the shine to your skin.This rare medicinal plant, in France’s pyrrolium, has moisturizing and illuminating properties that make skin glow. So, the ability to biock defect of biotherm aquasource gel is very hydrating.

About hold makeup:

Because the aquasource biotherm is fill water effect, so its fixed makeup ability is very strong, too. Because have had the beauty that makes up experience to all know, fill water is very tall to the conformability of a makeup look. So, here’s the experience that how to use the aquasource gel.

How to use it:

Use every morning and / or evening on cleansed and toned skin. Place one dose into the palm. Using both hands, smooth over the face in an outward pattern starting from the center. Finish with the neck. Avoid eye contour. Maybe you can use it as a hydrating sleep mask. And it’s a very lazy style wash off mask.

Sense of use:

this is for milk, fresh and not greasy;Although the denatured ethanol tingles slightly on the face, it can feel cool in a moment. Although it is only simple hydrating and moisturizing effect, for an elderly aunt of mine, the functionality is somewhat lacking, but daily makeup before a little bit can make my makeup suiting god skills and I am infatuated with it.
Overall feeling is a very good, it price is not very expensive, so, i will buy back! This biotherm aquasource gel is the best one I have ever used. The packaging is very high-end, and it tastes good .After using the it , The skin will become fine and shiny. All in all, the following is my overview of the product. Just like what kind of skins that it suits, about it is smells, and so on. And it including Pros and Cons. Here are the pros and cons of this biotherm aquasource gel. Let’s get to know each other.
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Pros about the biotherm aquasource gel:

1. It has a lot of capacity:
One can has a lot of capacity and feels like it will last a long time.Texture is also very water milk, is the texture of that condensation. It felt like it would last all summer.
2. Good moisturizing effect:
The cream is a light green gel with a light fragrance. The moisturizing effect is good.
3. A lot of function:
It can be used as a hydrating gel, it can also be used as a pre-makeup toner, you can also use it as a no-rinse sleep mask. It can be said that a bottle has many functions.
4. The price of it:
It sells for as little as $44 in a specialty store, This is a good price for the same brand, after all, it is easy is not expensive. So, if you think you can still buy it to try.
5. About the quality of a material:

Discover the iconic cooling gel texture women have loved from the start. Now enriched in Medicinal Aura Leaf, paraben free and mineral oil free. A fresh and creamy touch that melts on the skin to help awaken the senses every day. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

Cons about the biotherm aquasource gel:

In my opinion, here is only one downside, it’s because the hydration function is so good, or something else, if you can’t control the amount of application, your face will get oily. So, for the beauties who first started using it, controlling the number of USES became the biggest problem. I use my own experience to tell you that the first time was in the evening. I didn’t know this water dew just a little bit! Just a little! My god! Put too much on your face and it won’t work!Very thick! The second time I learned the wisdom of half, after pushing away, very clear. Used in the morning, to the midday to feel clean! I’m really happy.
Objective to speak, The information about the biotherm aquasource gel has been introduced in detail above. It’s incredibly cost-effective, for example, Whether it applies to the skin or the price side, It’s relatively high quality  it is superior even among all the cushion foundation. Now, let’s talk about a few questions about the biotherm aquasource gel.
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1. What type of skin is best suited for biotherm aquasource gel?

Mixed skin, it is not easy to find a suitable skin care products, simply moisturizing or oil skin care products are not suitable for me. Last month in the little red book planted a grass biouquan moist water dew, after using it actually felt very relaxed, now used a period of time, this time period did not have acne, so immediately happy to give you the little fairy amway. Therefore, it is suitable for mixed skin. In simple terms, if you are oil skin and use other cream or cream still produce oil seriously and do not know which one can be improved, this is the right one.

2.How much does the biotherm aquasource gel?

The aquasource biotherm costs about $44 , of course, i bought this product at a discount , lower prices, and welcome everyone to pay attention to my blog. i will share some deal to help you buy this product at a lower prices. So, this is a very cost-effective facial cleanser.

3. What does the composition for biotherm aquasource gel?

Partial components:
Denatured ethanol — antibacterial and convergent;A slight tingling in my face;
Shea butter — skin toner;
Vitamin E — antioxidant and moisturizing;
Ceramides 3 — antioxidant and moisturizing.
Sense of use the the biotherm aquasource gel: this is for milk, fresh and not greasy;Although the denatured ethanol tingles slightly on the face, it can feel cool in a moment. And these composition are extremely precious, and to the skin have splenic benefit greatly.

4. What are specific functions about the biotherm aquasource gel?

It contains biotherm’s favorite water regeneration factor, Mannose moisturizing Mannose, translucent gel texture, real refreshing, sticky, greasy and it has nothing to do with half-wool. Take it to do first-aid facial mask effect is more outstanding, thin apply a layer on the face, wash off again after 5 minutes, the skin moisture content straight line soars, the good state that likes to drink satisfied water. Biotherm has been famous for its moisturizing, before it has been recommended to friends, this new live spring moistening series, starting with its water dew.
If you have any questions about this aquasource biotherm. please leave a message below. If I know, I will answer for you at once. And I’d be happy to discuss some other issues with you. I wish that you will have a good experience with it.
Thanks for the visit guys !
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