A lifetime’s worth of must-see tourist attractions

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Pink beach: Hubble island in the Bahamas has been named the sexiest beach in the world by newsweek. A luxury resort with 25 colorful cottages along the beach, it is also one of the top diving resorts in the world.
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The blue hole: Belize blue hole is located in the lighthouse reef at the edge of the seabed plateau in grand bahama shoal. The perfect round hole is surrounded by two coral reefs and is a famous diving resort. Seen from above as the pupil of the sea, the world’s oceans are dotted with blue holes of varying sizes and shapes. In the ice age, this was the entrance to a dry cave system. After glaciers melted and sea levels rose, the caves flooded and became a mecca for brave divers. Today, the blue hole is known for its sponges, barracuda, coral, angelfish, and a school of sharks that often patrol its sides.
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Fluorescent beach: the fluorescent sea is actually a bioluminescence phenomenon. The so-called bioluminescence phenomenon refers to the process in which organisms release chemical energy into light energy through certain chemical reactions in the body. The glow of fireflies is the most well-known bioluminescence phenomenon.
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Rose lake: also known as riteba lake or pink lake, it is a saltwater lake with an area of only 3 square kilometers. Located in the northern cape Verde peninsula, 35 kilometers northeast of Dakar, the capital of Senegal in west Africa, it is a famous natural landscape in Senegal. Rose lake is named for its pink color during the dry months of December and January, when halophilic microbes grow in the lake. The color of the lake varies from light green to deep red depending on the season.
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Cottonburg: located in the southwest of the city of Denizli, Turkey, it is a famous hot spring resort, which not only has natural hot springs for thousands of years, but also has this strange cotton-like hills. Pamuk in Turkish means cotton and Kale means castle, so Pamukkale is called cotton fort.
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A city of northwest Morocco in the north African country, spoken in Arabic and Spanish. Founded in 1471, it is 564 meters above sea level and has hotels and mosques. Most doorways, steps and walls are painted blue, like the world in a fairy tale.
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Santorini island: the ancient name hela was later changed to santorini in honor of saint Irene. Is in mainland Greece in the Aegean sea about 200 km southeast of ring composed of a group of volcanic island, santorini ring also known as one of the biggest island santorini, santorini is located in the base carat ze’s southernmost islands, santorini is composed of three island, two inhabited island, an island in the middle of the volcanic island is a deep sleep.There have been several volcanic eruptions, the most severe in 1500 BC, the center of the island collapsed in a large area, the original round island in the shape of the crescent now.The capital of santorini is the city of ferra, on the west coast of the island.
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