Giorgio armani designer lift foundation 2018 review 

Because the dropper is really too frivolous to cover my pimple, I directly rushed to the counter to buy a bottle of the best concealer. How to say, this giorgio armani designer lift foundation is really block defect force one class stick, but its quality of a material is frost, foundation frost, very thick, want to use brush, hand not line. Use felt oil, I do not dare to use summer, always want to use powder cake pressure oil. I save it for winter use, but it will still be oily in the afternoon, heart tired! And the color is dark, is dark not yellow, the whitest 4. Fig 5. The contrast on the paper towel is very obvious. Even my father can see that my face is darker than my neck after I finish painting. My skin is mixed with oil in spring and summer, mixed with oil in autumn and winter, how to say with this giorgio armani designer lift foundation , the summer is too hot not too oil control, one to noon face shine and a bit of take off makeup, need makeup; The skin of autumn winter is dry again, use it to be able to rise skin to float powdery mildew again. But it is not particularly dry and hot weather USES it to be still good, generally speaking, armani still is quite moist but do not think it is moist to be able to fall winter to use or dry skin to use, because too dry skin if bottom makeup is not done fill water, can float powdery mildew.
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Next, after applying armani designer lift foundation on the face, I use the makeup on the brush, after which I go to class with a powder set. It is a little difficult to maintain the normal weather and temperature for a day, and I will take off the makeup. I need to make up at noon, otherwise it will be a bit mottled. Then color, then choose the color number about for a long time, because the armani is my first formal foundation so entangled with Fried chicken but lazy don’t want to buy a small sample is kept to TB little red book website do color number of homework I itself is the appearance of a cold skin yellow Huang Er buy 4 afraid too dark to buy 2, afraid too white after choice of the no. 3 and then hand feel is also quite good but there are also good roommates thought it was a little white spring and summer some oil will merge, but autumn and winter…And the red spots are just plain unsightly and I feel so good about myself that I can’t help it. This tells us that we should try it out on our own.

And I’ll give you some information about the armani designer lift foundation. Including, the price, the color code and how to choose the color, how to use that giorgio armani designer lift foundation and so on.

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The price:

As for it is price, It looks a little expensive, It’s $67. And it only has a capacity of 30ml. But there really isn’t much capacity in foundation. I can say that It has a very high cost performance. it can be said that it is worth it. So, don’t worry too much about the price. If you like it, try buying it.

Summary of the brand:

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani is credited with giving tailored elegance, power, and sex appeal to standbys like men’s suits, and turning Hollywood’s A-list stars into fashion icons as they parade through countless award ceremonies adorned in his simple yet elegant creations. According to Armani, “Elegance doesn’t mean being noticed, it means being remembered.” That statement has been parlayed into the designer’s makeup collection, where the products are replete with the textures, colors, and flawless application that assure your natural beauty will be memorable rather than masked.

Because Armani has always been passionate about textures, it’s no surprise that his makeup (which is the main reason to check out this line) presents an impressive collection that features some of the smoothest, lightest textures you’re likely to find. From foundations to powders, eyeshadows, and mascaras—even pencils—the makeup selection includes some truly stellar products. According to the brochure for Armani’s makeup, the supreme textures and silky application are the result of Micro-fil technology. This supposedly allows for a precise blending and layering of select ingredients, offering a heightened sense of color that fits like a second skin.

About its color code:

Its color code can be said to be very rich, so perhaps how to select the color number became a big problem. But don’t worry about any problems. I’ll try my best to solve any problems you have. To be honest, there are five different color, but, I just tried four colors of it, such as:

1, #2 color: ivory white, suitable for fair skin
Color #3;White and yellow, suitable for white skin
3, #4 color: natural white, suitable for the skin generally pursuit of a bit white
4, color #5: darker skin

So, you can choose one that really suit you depend on that I told you.

A simple overview:

Anti-aging, Radiant, Comfort
To recreate the glow of youthful skin.
Fluid Foundation
Defy aging and reveal more youthful skin with a weightless full coverage foundation that softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles while polishing the complexion. Armani’s latest foundation features ten shades of a smoothing and firming fluid foundation with SPF 20.

How to apply:

Use the Designer brush to apply from the center of the face, outwards.
Backstage tip:
Advise designer lift to clients with anti-aging concerns for a firming effect.


Restores up to 10 years of luminosity, firms lines up to 87%, and firms skin by 73%.
The Invisible Face Lift:
The Armani unique Micro-fil™ technology drapes the face with an ultrafine micro-lifting matrix. This elastic matrix seals in a high concentration of exclusive emollients and velvet filters that immediately lift, soften and firm for more youthful skin.
Lifting Colors:
The new Armani glow: tailor-made with exclusive Prussian blue pearl pigment, giving intense depth and luminosity that revives skin and corrects color irregularities, while relieving dullness and adding a soft focus effect.

About the experts:

The Beautypedia and Paula’s Choice Research teams have one mission: To help you find the best products for your skin, whether they’re from Paula’s Choice or another brand. By combining efforts, we’re able to share scientific research and remain committed to the highest standards based on our decades of experience objectively reviewing thousands upon thousands of skincare and makeup formularies in all price ranges. Beautypedia cuts through the hype to bring you product insights and recommendations you won’t find anywhere else!

Overall feeling is a very good, it price is not very expensive, so, i will buy back! This face fabric is the best one I have ever used. The packaging is very high-end, and it tastes good. After using the giorgio armani designer lift foundation. The skin will become fine and shiny. All in all, the following is my overview of the product. And next it including Pros and Cons. Here are the pros and cons of this full coverage liquid foundation. Let’s get to know each other.

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Pros about giorgio armani designer lift foundation:

1. Outstanding foundations; superb powder textures; a brilliant shimmer fluid; perfect bronzers; some excellent lip color options; a neutral palette makes this line a must-see.
2. Master foundation is the one with the highest concealer in all of armani’s foundation solutions. In all the brands, the concealer is second only to Dior gel
3. The makeup is very powerful, the makeup is done in the morning, and there are only the nasal opening brackets before the makeup is removed at night, and there are some makeup removals, and the rest is very intact.

Cons about giorgio armani designer lift foundation:

1. Although this foundation is a strong concealer, but it is not suitable for dry skin, dry skin is easy to float powder.
2. Expensive; the skincare is underwhelming, especially given the cost (though the claims sound good!); some of the SPF-rated products do not supply adequate broad spectrum protection; most of the mascaras aren’t as impressive as they should be.

All in all, everything is fine, with the right color number, the right concealer, the right upper garment and the right durability. Perfect. It suits me well on all sides. Durability is also the best one of these. Then let’s go to know other information about the designer lift foundation.

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1. What type of skin is best suited for giorgio armani designer lift foundation ?

If you’re mixing oily skin, or oily skin, feel free to use it, but if you’re dry skin, forget it, as this foundation is not very good for dry skin.

2.How much does the giorgio armani designer lift foundation ?

The giorgio armani designer lift foundation costs about $67, of course, i bought this product at a discount, lower prices, and welcome everyone to pay attention to my blog. i will share some deal to help you buy this product at a lower prices. So, this is a very cost-effective facial cleanser.

3. What are the ingredients for giorgio armani designer lift foundation ?

Active Ingredients: Octinoxate 7.5%; Titanium Dioxide 1.9%; Inactive Ingredients: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Phenyl Trimethicone, Cyclohexasiloxane, Butylene Glycol, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Pentylene Glycol, Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate, Fragrance, Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol, Adenosine, Magnesium Sulfate, PEG-10 Dimethicone, PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone, Ethylhexylglycerin, Cellulose Gum, Silica, Limonene, Benzyl Salicylate, Linalool, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Sorbitol, Acrylates Copolymer, Disodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Methylsilanol/Silicate Copolymer, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Aluminum Hydroxide, Alumina, Hexyl Cinnamal May Contain: Iron Oxides, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Bismuth Oxychloride, Titanium Dioxide

If you have any questions about this designer lift foundation. please leave a message below. If I know, I will answer for you at once. And I’d be happy to discuss some other issues with you. I wish that you will have a good experience with it.

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